Solutions in Industrial Safety & ATEX

At Grupo Elektra we help you choose the right products and implement them so that your project is as efficient as possible. Take advantage of our expert advice so that your project meets all safety requirements.

Machine Safety: an investment in peace of mind

Over 40 years dealing with industrial companies have taught us the keys to Industrial Safety in Machines:

  • We help you design machines that ensure the safety of personnel.
  • We advise you on the analysis of the risks of your machines and work equipment, adapting them to the regulations.
  • We offer all the electrical material and the most advanced technology in industrial safety.
  • We train you to correctly apply the current directives and harmonized standards.
  • Machine risk analysis
  • Advice on compliance with the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC)
  • Adjustment of work equipment according to RD 1215
  • Machine consignment, LOTO (Lock Out – Tag Out)
  • Compliance with the regulations on the acquisition of machinery and work equipment.
  • Installation of safety elements to correct deficiencies
  • Coordination of “Turnkey solutions” with your installation company
  • Industrial safety training
  • Safety training for machinery manufacturers and their end user personnel
  • Choice of materials for areas with explosive atmospheres (ATEX)
  • Pedestrian crossing lighting at intersections and suspended load advancement
  • Advice on safety guards (safety fencing) to prevent access to the machine
Machine Safety: an investment in peace of mind - Grupo Elektra

We advise you from the start of your project to the technical support of the installation

If you wish, we can help you coordinate the phases of your project with the installation company: study, electrical-mechanical modifications, and verification of the proposed safety measures. We can help you with:

Design and engineering - Grupo Elektra Solutions

Design and engineering

Manufacturing and assembly - Grupo Elektra Solutions

Manufacturing and assembly

The most suitable products - Grupo Elektra Solutions

The most suitable products

Training - Grupo Elektra Solutions


Regulation - Grupo Elektra Solutions


Pilz - High-level security training courses.

security training courses.

Course calendar

Grupo Elektra and Pilz offer you essential training for industrial companies that want to have maximum safety in their machines.

Exclusive courses for customers. Check the calendar and discover this year's news. Book your place!

Ask about our custom solutions at your point of sale

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