Solutions for the Railway Sector

Make your project a reality thanks to our wide range of electrical materials specifically for the railway sector, both for rolling stock and infrastructure.

  • Solutions for the entire railway sector.
  • Get the most suitable product technical-economic solution.
  • Railway materials and products compliant with railway regulations and railway environment requirements

We work with a single goal: to take your railway project on the path of profitability


  • 100% online process with our customer website: stock consultation, offers, orders, shipments, billing, etc.
  • Integration into your ERP or through purchasing platforms.


  • Continuous process of stock adaptation to need or planning, with specific analysis tools and online information on available stocks in more than 50 points of sale.

B2B order integration with manufacturers

  • Electronic system that allows: time saving, error reduction, report of actual supply deadlines.


  • Customer-adapted logistics process: Kitting, Kanban systems and delivery traceability using RFI tools.

Products railway for rolling stock

Railway products for infrastructure

Driving cabin


Selectors - Driving cabin - Railway Sector

Enabler Selector Gear

Enabler Selector Gear - Driving cabin - Railway Sector


Pedal - Driving cabin - Railway Sector

Heating blanket

Heating blanket - Driving cabin - Railway Sector

Push button

Push button - Driving cabin - Railway Sector

Electrical cabinet

Circuit breakers and differential switches

Circuit breakers and differential switches - Electrical cabinet - Railway Sector


Contactors - Electrical cabinet - Railway Sector

Terminal blocks

Terminal blocks - Electrical cabinet - Railway Sector

Plastic/metallic gutters

Plastic/metallic gutters - Electrical cabinet - Railway Sector


Transformer - Electrical cabinet - Railway Sector


Cables EN 50306 EN 50264 and EN 50382

Cables EN 50306 EN 50264 and EN 50382 - Interior - Railway Sector


Cases - Interior - Railway Sector


Terminals - Interior - Railway Sector

PA6 and PA12 tubes

PA6 and PA12 tubes - Interior - Railway Sector


Rectangular connector

Cables EN 50306 EN 50264 and EN 50382 - Connection - Railway Sector

UIC 541/552/558

UIC 541/552/558 - Connection - Railway Sector

BT connector

BT connector - Connection - Railway Sector

AT terminals

AT terminals - Connection - Railway Sector

Power outlets

Power outlets - Connection - Railway Sector

Switching devices

Automation systems

Automation systems - Switching devices - Railway Sector

Load break

Load break - Switching devices - Railway Sector

Power Supplies

Power Supplies - Switching devices - Railway Sector


Relays - Switching devices - Railway Sector

Measuring devices and sensors


Sensors - Measuring devices and sensors - Railway Sector

Measurement instruments

Measurement instruments - Measuring devices and sensors - Railway Sector

Safety end of travel

Safety end of travel - Measuring devices and sensors - Railway Sector

Electrical protection


Enclosures - Electrical protection - Railway Sector

Cable pass-throughs

Cable pass-throughs - Electrical protection - Railway Sector


Insulators - Electrical protection - Railway Sector

Cable glands

Cable glands - Electrical protectiona - Railway Sector

Ground outlets

Ground outlets - Electrical protection - Railway Sector

Products railway for infrastructure

Railway products for infrastructure

Control and maneuver

Speed variators

Speed variators - Machine room - Naval Sector

Control and automation

Control and automation - Loading and unloading machinery - Naval Sector

Safety Sensors and Switches

Safety Sensors and Switches - Loading and unloading machinery - Naval Sector


Switches - Distribution panels - Naval Sector

Control station

Control station - Loading and unloading machinery - Naval Sector


Area lighting

Area lighting - Port lighting - Naval Sector


Flashlights - Lighting - Railway Sector

Emergency luminaire

Emergency luminaire - Port lighting - Naval Sector


Laptops - Port lighting - Naval Sector


Marking and signaling

Marking and signaling - Port installation - Naval Sector

Mechanical trays and ladders

Trays and ladders - Port installation - Naval Sector

Plastic trays

Plastic trays - Installation - Railway Sector

Access control

Access control - Port installation - Naval Sector


Safety signaling

Safety signaling - Storage and transport - Naval Sector


Interlocking - Security - Railway Sector

Insulating rods, detection and grounding

Insulating rods, detection and grounding - Security - Railway Sector


PPE - Security - Railway Sector

We accompany you at all stages of your railway project

Take advantage of our experience in railway and make your rail project more profitable and efficient. We advise you from start to finish:

Design and engineering - Grupo Elektra Solutions

Design and engineering

Manufacturing and assembly - Grupo Elektra Solutions

Manufacturing and assembly

The most suitable products - Grupo Elektra Solutions

The most suitable products

Training - Grupo Elektra Solutions


Regulation - Grupo Elektra Solutions


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