Solutions in Industrial Instrumentation

At Grupo Elektra, we advise you on the choice of the most suitable equipment for your Industrial Instrumentation needs. We also help you implement everything so that your project is as efficient as possible. Together we will find a one hundred percent personalized solution.

Custom solutions for precise measurement of magnitudes in industrial processes

We have taken advantage of our more than 40 years of experience to learn from our customers. We know how to help you measure everything that needs to be measured. Always with the highest accuracy, thanks to our knowledge and the highest quality products in our catalog.

  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Flow
  • Level
  • Weighing and force
  • Valve positioning
  • Gas analytics and chromatography
  • Liquid analytics

Solutions in Industrial Instrumentation - Grupo Elektra

We work together on your project at all times

Projects have their own evolution. And each moment has its key importance. If you wish, we advise you in each phase:

Design and engineering - Grupo Elektra Solutions

Design and engineering

Manufacturing and assembly - Grupo Elektra Solutions

Manufacturing and assembly

The most suitable products - Grupo Elektra Solutions

The most suitable products

Training - Grupo Elektra Solutions


Regulation - Grupo Elektra Solutions


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