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Electric vehicles Solutions for electric car charging points

Electric cars are here to stay, and they are becoming more popular by the day. Confirmation of this is the backing they have received from institutions and the automotive industry. However, it is pointless to have the finest electric cars on our roads if we cannot efficiently and effectively supply them with energy.

In order to achieve sustainable mobility, it is essential to design and install functional and reliable electric vehicle charging stations. The Elektra Group provides quality solutions in charging point infrastructure for electric cars in any space and context:

  • Residents’ associations
  • Shopping centres
  • Hotels
  • Public car parks
  • Electric charging stations
  • Private garages
  • Company car parks
  • Municipal car parks
  • Restaurants
  • Public thoroughfares in the city

Charging points for electric cars:
We offer you advice from the start of your project all the way
through to providing technical support for the installation

Enjoy a solution that is tailor-made to meet your electric charging needs

  • We advise you as to the most suitable charging point for you
  • We offer you technical support in installing the equipment
  • We collaborate with trustworthy installing companies to ensure the installation is carried out correctly
  • We supply additional electrical material

At the Elektra Group, we combine
electric car charging solutions with renewable energies

Sustainable mobility that will help you to save money while protecting the environment.

Electric vehicle charging solutions

System for household recharge

Equipment to install in domestic settings, optimised to provide a great quality/cost ratio, to be used simply and intuitively. They can be equipped with protective elements, increasing their robustness and safety, or add a power metre to control the electric vehicle's recharge consumption.

Indoor recharge systems

Equipment designed for indoor settings, or outdoor settings with some sort of roof. More robust, they feature characteristics for more advanced and complex facilities, such as multi-user parking lots, vehicle fleets or private parking.

Outdoor recharge systems:


Equipment for outdoor settings with greater robustness. This line is specifically for installation in places such as public streets or large surfaces. Additionally, they are equipped with communications (protocol such as OCPP), power metres and access and pre-pay systems, so they can be completely autonomous.

Outdoor recharge systems:


These teams or fast charging stations (charge 4) are ideal for installing in intermediate points between long journeys, since they allow the batteries to be charged in a few minutes. They charge the EV battery in direct current, being able to reach charging powers from 50 kW to 150 kW. They can be configured with output to connect CCS Combo 2, CHAdeMO or both.

Multi-point smart
recharge system:


This system has a smart sensor to control the vehicle's recharge power. Installed under the IGA, it detects the power consumed and takes action on the Wallbox so it does not exceed the maximum contracted power. The Wallbox decreases or increases the power consumed in recharging the electric vehicle, based on the sensor's instructions. This prevents blackouts due to excess power.

Self-consumption / renewable energy recharge system:


To reduce energy consumption, save and contribute to the protection of the environment, it is possible to design self-consumption solutions through solar canopies, which can be integrated with charging points and even with static batteries that optimize the energy generated.

We integrate our vehicle charging infrastructure design
with other solutions

With the innovation and support 
of leading manufacturers

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