Elektra Group Specialists in the 
distribution of 
electrical material

Lighting Use the most innovative products in the most appropriate way

  • We complete our lighting solutions with lighting control and management systems.
  • We guarantee an excellent degree of efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.
  • We offer a wide range of products from the best manufacturers
  • Exterior and decorative lighting
  • Light sources and equipment
  • Technical lighting
  • Interior lighting
  • Decorative lighting
  • Emergency lighting

We advise you from the very beginning of the 
lighting project, including technical support

We design a personalised solution for your lighting project

  • We design the technical plans for lighting projects
  • We select the most suitable lights
  • We make prior lighting calculations to ensure our proposal works properly
  • We can carry out highly realistic simulations of the final project using infographics and rendering
  • We include the full technical specifications of the lighting used in the project
  • We carry out energy efficiency and amortization audits

We offer you on-site support to guarantee the 
installation is carried out to perfection

  • With our technical support, you will receive first-hand technical advice about the product and the development of the electrical installation

Lighting projects used in:

All projects

Home in Playa Gijón

Family villa

Lounge in a family home

Country house

Vivienda en La Rioja

All projects

Hotel Leonor Centro

Hotel Torre Rosaleda

All projects

Casa Trabanco

Local restaurants

Saiko Japanese restaurant

A´Barra Restaurant - Grupo Álbora

Bodega urbana Moderna Tradición

All projects

Institut Dental Inca

Exhibition hall

All projects

Sobrerroca bookshop

Guissona bookshop

Eva Gonzalez beauty center

All projects

Primark logistics centre

All projects

Casa del lector (reading centre)

Basque Culinary Center

Balenciaga Museum

San Telmo Museum

Spa Ranillas

Teatro Museo Dalí

All projects

Mutua Madrileña building

El Picuezo and La Picueza

All projects

Municipal fronton (Basque pelota court)



All projects

Paseo del Espolón

Public lighting using LEDs

We integrate lighting alongside other solutions

With the innovation and support of 
the finest lighting manufacturers

We offer a wide range of high quality products that you can purchase at any of our points of sale or from our customer web page

Exterior and decorative lighting

Light sources and equipment

Technical lighting

Decorative lighting

Emergency lighting

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