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Energy efficiency Energy efficiency projects used in:

Stand-alone house with photovoltaic energy

Description of the installation

  • New-build main home in a remote area.
  • It does not have an electricity connection available.
  • The electricity company gives a quote of 80,000.00 € to install an electricity supply.


Stand-alone photovoltaic system with energy storage and a back-up generator.


  • Lower investment
  • Quick installation (weeks)
  • Lower energy costs, as most of the energy comes from the sun at zero cost.

Technical description of the photovoltaic system

  • Rated power of the inverter: 6 kVA (single-phase)
  • Installation autonomy: 2 days
  • Photovoltaic power: 2.3 kWp
  • Generator: It is used six hours a week on average. It works as a back-up when there is no solar energy or energy in the batteries.

Investment in the photovoltaic installation

  • Approximate cost (turnkey): 25,000 € (not including the generator)
  • Amortization period if only one generator is put in place: 3 years

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