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Energy efficiency Energy efficiency projects used in:

Poultry farm

Description of the installation

  • New-build chicken farm. This building houses nests of 35,000 chickens (32,000 in summer).
  • The building is closed, with no natural light and with forced ventilation.
  • With artificial light, the birds’ behavioural habits are kept under control.

Electricity consumption

  • This farm has no connection to the electricity grid and all the power comes from a generator or photovoltaic solar energy.
  • The installation needs an energy supply 24 hours a day.

Technical description

  • Type: Three-phase 230/400 V (T/N)
  • Daily consumption: 120 kWh (average)
  • Maximum power: 22 kW
  • Pramac 45 kVA
  • Installed power: 18 kWp
  • Battery autonomy: 1 day

Investment in photovoltaic installation

  • Approx. cost (turnkey): 59,000 €
  • Not including the generator

Advantages of the photovoltaic system (PV)

  • Generator running without PV: 24 h/day
  • Generator running with PV: 3 h/day (average)
  • Expenditure on diesel without PV: 30,000 €/year (approx.)
  • Expenditure on diesel with PV: 2,400 €/year (approx.)

Other benefits

  • It extends the useful life of the generator
  • The generator requires less frequent maintenance
  • Amortization period: 3 years.


  • SMA. Inverters and control
  • Exide-Tudor. Batteries
  • Klixx. Module structure
  • REC. Photovoltaic modules

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