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Swimming pool with a photovoltaic pumping system

Objective of the system: 
To recycle the water from the pool on a daily basis

  • Without paying the electricity company
  • Without being affected by price rises
  • Use in indoor or outdoor swimming pools

Description of the installation

  • Swimming pool in a residential complex.
  • Pool volume: 150 m3
  • The water will be recycled every day of the year, once or twice a day.

Technical solution

  • 1 x LORENTZ PS1800 CS-37-1 system
  • Dynamic head: 3.0 m
  • Average daily pumping rate: 177 m3/day
  • Pool volume: 150 m3
  • Photovoltaic solar power: 4 x 240 Wp = 960 Wp


  • Turnkey cost: 4,000 € + VAT (approx.)
  • Amortization of the electricity grid: 8 years (approx.)
  • Amortization of the generator: 3.5 years (approx.)
  • Additional maintenance: Cleaning of photovoltaic modules.

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