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Self-consumption of photovoltaic energy in the meat industry

Company with a significant electricity consumption level throughout the day. This energy dependence has a direct effect on the cost of its products and, consequently, on its competitiveness. These types of companies are very vulnerable to tariff rises imposed by the electricity company in question.


A photovoltaic self-consumption system has been installed so that they can generate their own energy (approx. 25%) for consumption in real time.

Given that consumption is always higher than production, 100% of the energy generated is consumed.


  • System’s rated power: 10 kW (11 kWp).
  • Estimated life of the installation: 25 years
  • Required surface on the roof: 200 m2


  • Energy saving: 15,500 kWh/year
  • Economic saving (25 years): 44,000 €
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions: 9.75 tn/year


  • 18,700 € (turnkey)*
  • Amortization period: 8 years (approx.)**
  • *This value may vary, depending on several variables.
  • ** This data has been obtained by taking into account Spanish legislation as of 10/12/2013


Very low

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