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HVAC Advanced and efficient HVAC systems for all types of spaces, whether domestic, residential or industrial

We study your needs and recommend the most suitable HVAC technology in each case
  • Ventilation
  • Air-conditioning
  • Infrared heating

We advise you from the very beginning of the project, 
including technical support

We design a personalised solution for your project

  • We select the most suitable equipment backed by the very best manufacturers
  • We design the best technical and economical solution
  • Using the Designbuilder tool, we create an energy simulation of the installation, and guarantee an excellent degree of energy efficiency, respecting maximum environmental protection
  • We develop all the necessary technical documentation for the installation, including plans and technical specifications

We provide on-site support to ensure the 
installation is completed to perfection

  • With our technical support, you will receive first-hand technical advice on the product and the development of the installation

We choose the most appropriate solution 
for you out of our extensive range


Efficient and easy-to-install equipment for all applications: residential, service sector and industrial. Some examples of completed projects

Recommended installations:

Small 1x1 multi-split air-conditioning system
Residential and small installations
VRV, semi-industrial range
Restaurants, offices, hotels, and medium and large facilities
All projects

Citroën Irún car showroom

Installation of a heat pump in the car display section at Motor Zamora S.A., an official Citroën car showroom in Irún.


  • 2 Exterior units and 4 cassettes measuring 90 x 90 cm, MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES brand.
  • Thermal power rating of the whole set: 30 kw

Bunt Planet offices in San Sebastián

RACK installation of air-conditioning, ventilation and cooling system in an office with a high aesthetic factor.


Air-conditioning: MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES VRV system, using 60 x 60 cm cassettes in offices and TROX TECHNIK visible ducted units, micro-nozzles and air diffusers. Thermal power rating 63 kw.

Ventilation: S&P heat exchanger

RACK cooling: APC split units in a redundancy configuration for DPC.


Systems to keep air circulating in closed areas with a concentration of contaminants such as gases from chemical substances or CO2 produced by people.

An economical and efficient way to control temperature in cinemas, clubs, industrial warehouses, data processing centres, bakeries and other premises with a high interior heat level.

Recommended installations:

Small-scale ventilation:
Single family homes, collective housing, bars, restaurants, offices.
Large-scale ventilation:
Services sector: hotels, restaurants, cinemas, clubs...
Industrial: applied to manufacturing processes, integrated in machines, contaminant control...
All projects

Ventilation system for smoke control in the event of fire

Air extraction installation in industrial premises to control smoke for evacuation purposes in the event of fire.


  • 1 S&P 15 kw fan, model CVHT-30/28
  • 3 S&P 2.2 kw fans, model THGT/2-450-6/27
  • 6 motorised windows.

Free cooling system for electrical cabinets

Ventilation installation to cool an electrical cabinet room using a Free-Cooling system.


S&P HIT1000NP fan with filtering sections and motorised gate. Interior temperature control depending on the exterior temperature.

Dissipated power: 20 kw

Air flow: 4000 m3/h

Infrared heating

The perfect combination of energy efficiency and comfort to heat large spaces. This technology, instead of heating the air in the premises, heats using infrared radiation, just like the sun, transmitting heat to the surfaces within the beam of light, and without wasting the heat to warm the surrounding air. It enables heat to be focused only on the areas where it is really needed, offering greater comfort and energy savings, as it does not heat or stratify the air.

Recommended installations:

Industrial warehouses and sports centres

We integrate HVAC installations alongside other solutions

With the innovation and support of the 
finest HVAC systems manufacturers

We offer you a wide range of high quality products that you can 
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