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Baimen S.A. began its journey in the electrical sector in 1987, with a commercial activity aimed at the Sale and Distribution of Electrical and Electronic material. In the early 90s, Baimen became part of Grupo Elektra, a leading business group in the Electrical Sector in the Northern Zone of the Peninsula.

Baimen - Delegación Grupo Elektra

The Headquarters since its origin is located in the town of Erandio, a well-connected population very close to the capital Bilbao, in industrial warehouses that have been constantly renovated over the years to adapt to market demands and our expansion needs.

The original work team considered it appropriate to provide their clients with specialized technical advice, pioneering in companies in the sector. This decision leads to the opening of a Technical Commercial Department.

The most recent history of Baimen maintains a focus on technological spirit and entrepreneurial character, having become a mature company that collaborates with its clients as a technological partner, striving to make them more competitive every day.

Following a business growth trajectory, in 1996 a new work center is opened in the town of Llodio (Álava), which provides an improved and personalized service to companies in the area.

To optimize performance and offer a better service, in January 2001 the management system certification under the ISO 9001 Quality standard was obtained.

In October 2003, the facilities in Erandio (Vizcaya) were expanded and the existing demand in the Tertiary sector was covered, providing old and new customers with a complete service.

In May 2013, a new lighting engineering department is born, with the purpose of advising electric installers, engineering firms, architecture studios, properties and professionals on lighting, and achieving energy efficiency as well as reducing electricity consumption in indoor and outdoor lighting.

In December 2016, the certificate of a new energy management system according to ISO 50001 was obtained, integrating it with the existing ISO 9001 quality system. Seeking a reduction in our own energy consumption, as well as that of our customers, by providing more specialized advice from an energy perspective.

Our company philosophy is based on meeting the needs of our customers, adapting the potential of our staff to the demands that arise in the market. Through our logistics, we have achieved a 24-hour delivery service for our customers.

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