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Elektra Group Alliances for the Future


Joining forces

The Elektra Group is the sum of the companies that form it. These companies have been joining one after the other to eventually make up a group with the same values and identity. iu.seguir_leyendo

The Elektra Group has been growing since 1978, and has gradually been incorporating companies that share its vision. Each of them bring their own particular features that enrich the nature of the group and widen its scope and possibilities.

The team at that time felt it was strategically important to widen their market and they started to develop an expansion policy that the group maintains to this day. And so it continued until it has now become a national leader in the electrical and electronic material distribution sector

The present

The group currently has an extensive network of electrical material points of sale, which enables it to offer a complete, global service across Spain. iu.seguir_leyendo

It is also able to adapt its product offer, technical advice and stock to the needs of each client company. This system is shared by the companies in the group that work at an international level.


The Elektra Group is committed to responsible, efficient and competitive management with a growing commitment to safety, the environment and corporate social responsibility. iu.seguir_leyendo

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