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Meeting room

A space designed for holding meetings and giving presentations, equipped with the following systems:

KNX buttons: They enable each button’s functions to be personalised according to the user.

HVAC system: It is integrated in the KNX system so that it can be managed and controlled from the KNX screen or buttons, or from a tablet. This home automation tool ensures maximum comfort, as the HVAC system can be controlled from the sofa, from the bed or from outside the home.

Training room

A room designed for giving classes and talks, equipped with the following systems:

Interactive screen: Video-projection system with interactive board control. We can show presentations and also write or draw on them, with the option to save any changes directly onto the PC.

As with the meeting room, it has KNX switches that enable its functions to be personalised to meet the user's needs and tastes, as well as a KNX screen from which the lighting and temperature are controlled, with the additional option of creating different atmospheres by just clicking on the screen

The RGB lighting systems allow light of any colour to be projected with a single light. These lights work by mixing red, green and blue, and are capable of projecting light of any other colour, even a very cool white ( >6500 °K), depending on the blend and intensity of these three colours


In the case of this hotel room, it enables access to be controlled with a card and it offers several types of permission settings according to the user, as well as enabling the control and management of the different systems integrated in the room.

For example:

  • The hotel guest can have access to the room and to all its systems: à la carte TV, temperature, lighting, etc…
  • The cleaning staff may access the room but not use the TV or the HVAC system.


Lighting regulated by the DALI system: When switched on they only reach 80% of their total power, and when switched off they only shut down to 4%. This 20% reduction in their maximum value is barely noticeable to the human eye, and helps to considerably reduce energy consumption and the electricity bill. The off mode at 4% also contributes to reducing energy consumption as switching on the light produces the most energy demand. By not switching off the light fully, we avoid the surge when switching on, which would normally represent a high energy consumption every time the light is switched on.

It is fitted with a HVAC management and control system that we can programme from a touchscreen to always maintain an optimum temperature. It optimises energy efficiency in full compliance with legal regulations.

This system can also be managed and controlled as part of the KNX system, to simplify the number of devices and offer greater comfort and convenience to the user.



This office area is equipped with controlled lighting using a smart presence sensor integrated in KNX. This sensor will switch the light on whenever it detects a presence, and it will also adjust the brightness depending on the amount of natural light coming from the outside, always keeping an appropriate level of light for the user.

Audio and Video room

Room equipped with a 6.1 cinema system, 55-inch TV and four comfortable seats. Centralised control system for audiovisual appliances, doing away with the need for separate remote controls to be replaced with a single control.

This room also has an APC by Schneider Electric Data Processing Centre, with a cooling tower included, which houses all the voice cable connection and data from the different Lifeevolution systems in a structured and orderly fashion.

The audio distribution system is centralised in the rack and this enables us to control the system from its remote control as well as from the KNX.

The energy measurement tools are integrated in the protection panel, and we can read this information from any screen or tablet.

Multi-purpose area

A multi-purpose area made up of the following lighting automation systems:
Seats and RGB luminaires built into the wall, which can change colour via any KNX device or tablet. This lighting control system is called DMX and is mainly used in bars and clubs, as it enables the colour changes to be controlled in line with the music’s bass line, and it can also allow you to create a sequence in which the colours change automatically.

Weather station

KNX device to measure temperature, brightness, wind speed and rain. These values enable us to interact with the blinds, extractor fans, etc…

Control via PC touchscreen

PC touchscreen built into the wall, and from where you can manage and control all the Lifeevolution functions, which would include:

  • Lighting
  • HVAC
  • Blinds and curtains
  • Windows
  • Access doors and gates
  • Monitoring energy consumption
  • Weather station
  • Piped music

Lounge area

Digital signage

The major communication potential of video and moving image makes digital signage a more dynamic and attractive alternative that marks a difference with traditional static advertising, with the advantage that we can load the contents remotely.

Smart panel

The Smart Panel controls, protects and manages energy consumption in all kinds of buildings.

  • Measure energy costs, with integrated protection or independent measurement, and control the installation status (circuit openings, closings and status) with updated information (receiving alarms) on the circuit status.
  • Connect: Prepared to connect with energy management platforms
  • Save: Real time monitoring and control. Access to energy information and installation management through online services.

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