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Lighting Showroom A space to experience the latest in lighting technology


Come to our showroom specialising in lighting and gain first-hand knowledge of all the lighting effects with an extensive range of lights integrated into different KNX audio and video control systems

Our Elektra Pamplona team of professionals will advise you on the most suitable selection of lighting technology for your project

Vertical Lighting

Vertical lighting lets you bathe your walls in light to obtain a very luminous and efficient sense of space thanks to the fact that the vertical outline surfaces make up 80% of the light perceived.

Horizontal Lighting

This type of lighting is used to provide general lighting to a horizontal space parallel to the floor.

Accent lighting with the use of optics

Accent lighting allows you to highlight architectural elements or objects. The optics used vary depending on the size of the element to be lit up.

Colour temperature

You can compare the results of the different colour temperatures, from warm temperatures (2,700 ºK) all the way to cold temperatures (6,500 °K) and how to apply them to the different projects.

RGB system (Red Green Blue)

The RGB lighting systems allow light of any colour to be projected with a single light.

These lights work by mixing red, green and blue, and are capable of projecting light of any other colour, even a very cool white ( >6500 °K), depending on the blend and intensity of these three colours

Control systems

1-10V Lighting Control

Allows you to control the lighting equipment using an analogue signal.

DALI control system.

This digital control system offers bi-directional control of the lights and allows you to modify the circuits without having to rewire the electrical installation.

The DALI control system transmits regular information about the light, such as equipment or lamp failure, bulb shelf life, etc.


This is mainly used for stage lighting and allows you to control the lighting digitally, thanks to its 512 channels.

This control allows very high data transmission, its main advantage being that it allows the control of movement and change of colour of the lights.

Isolated Systems

Independent control elements that allow you to control the lighting of a space according to the amount of natural light entering from outside and the detection of the presence of people.

Large surface lights

Lights with large lighting flows to be positioned at major heights.

LED lighting

90% of the showroom is fitted with this technology to allow you to make a comparison between different light and check all their benefits: high light output and low power consumption.

Decorative Lighting

We work alongside with the leading manufacturers of decorative lamps to allow you to choose which best suits the tastes and needs of your project.

Lines of light

Lights in profile and continuous lines.

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